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The Best Phone Sex Slut Lyric

The peach doesn’t fall far from the tree, or so the saying goes. I am my Vegas showgirl Mother’s daughter, and though I strive to be as good as her, I will never stand in her shadow. Born on the stage, My Mother was a Vegas showgirl who mesmerized a crowd with simple movements of the hips. I control your every action with a little oral seduction. I learned from the best. When Mama was not on the stage, she was on the phone creating fantasies for all the dirty Men in the world. Now I am showing the Men of the world who the real Queen is.

Naughty by nature, I am the kind of girl who thrives on control. When I take the spotlight, I am the head bitch in charge. Beauty, brains, and dominance, lovely Lyric is the one who will keep you coming back for more. I have more talent on the tip of my finger than most have seen in a lifetime. Don’t worry; I can back up every single word I say.

I remember when my own Mother got a taste of me. She had met this Man. He was one of those High Rollers with the unlimited accounts that Vegas extends to the VIP clients. She milked him for about a grand, but that was nothing compared to what I did. Still a sugar baby at that time, I took a seat in his lap, blew on the dice, and made myself a fortune that night. For each thousand he made, I got half. Not bad for being eye candy, but more than that, I never had to fuck him. Not this Queen. The moment we went back to his room, I called a whore to handle that. I got a manicure while he got his needs taken care of. If he could afford the 35 a grand night suite, he could afford to pay for his pussy.

Have a seat and enjoy the show. Your Diva has arrived and skies the limit when it comes to me. Some of my perversions include: Domination/submission, Money pigs, Financial Domination, Strap-on play, Sugar Daddies/babies, and Guided Masturbation. Don’t worry boys; I never limit myself to anything. You can always ask :::winks::: but be warned, I can be a little bitch.