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The Best Phone Sex Slut Margo

Hi guys, I am barefoot and pregnant all the time, sweet as a buttercup, and never afraid to use you during a cuckold orgy for impregnation breeding. Coming from a family of nudist I am just use to being and having no sexual limitations. Mostly I got into being a voyeur pso because I am so horny all the time. With raging pregnancy hormones and so many dirty stories to tell, the real question was why not.

Oh I also have a huge foot fetish, for a guy to be playing with me and licking and sucking my toes I get so excited I squirt. Oh that is another thing I am a total squirting slut when I cum. Looking at me you might think I am sweet and shy. Sometimes I guess I can be, but put me on the phone with a horny guy and I cannot help but enjoy mutual masturbation calls while I rub my clit. If you are married it makes it even better, that I am your little horny hookup. Being a dirty secret, you come to play with makes me so excited the baby kicks.

My body is always glowing, and my tits are always swollen.  So lactation is possible for any guy into ABDL or just gets off on sucking the milk from my tits. To be honest I prefer it much more than using a pump to empty my breasts every day. Some men call me curvy, and some guys even say I have a little baby fat. That makes me feel so young and sexy; my cushion makes it even better for pushing. If that is what you are into I like being spoiled and pampered during feeder session calls too.

Anything that brings us both closer to climax gets me excited. Rubbing my belly while I ride you slow is one of my favorite sexual positions. Either that or when I have been a bad orgy starting cum dump and my main man has to spank me. Even though I am pregnant I enjoy bondage often. Daddy raised me to be submissive and take care of any need that might arise from living in a nudist community. Sharing is caring when it comes to pussy and cock, so I make sure I get my fair share of both. I consider myself omnisexual, because I never say no to anything. That just keeps it interesting when I am getting off.

Staying at my kinkiest means I want you to make sure you tell me all your dirty secrets too. Listening to your kinky confessions, makes me want to share all my no limit fantasies. So if you have been looking for a nasty cuckolding pregnant cum dump to make all your kinky nudist fetish’s come true, I am here and looking for dirty guys like you.

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