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The Best Phone Sex Slut Misha

The seduction of Man has never been hard for me. I found out at an early age that I had the ability to consume a soul without physical touch. Sounds a bit cocky of me, doesn’t it? Some women just have the right to be confident. 

Let’s start from the beginning. I was born to a woman who didn’t love her husband. In fact, she didn’t love anyone. She was a manipulator, and knew that if she brought a child into the world, she would get 18 years of support. I was money in the bank, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t want me. She wanted to make me just like her. One day her looks would fade, so what better than to produce a daughter who could take over the world. 

I came home from school one day and explained to Mother that I didn’t get the grade I deserved. Lesson one began that day. Mama could hypnotize a Man using nothing more than her voice, and the knowledge that all Men are weak willed. 

The next day I wore a skirt too small, heels too high, and my lucky St. Christopher around my neck. I moved to the front row to see better, but in all reality, he was the one who needed to see me. Twisting that little symbol that hung on the chain, his eyes were drawn to my cleavage. My voice was all I actually needed though.

Watching me became a game for him. I would stay after the class and explain to him how I was going to pass his class. Sultry and sexy, each word that drips from my lips holds nothing but a promise. I convinced this Man to do so many things that a teacher should not do. Erotic hypnosis is my passion, and he was my first victim, but not my last. You are my next though.

Everything about me makes me the perfect woman. A body that fills others with shame. A voice that drips honey, yet delivers things the Devil himself run from. Lastly a finger to twist all your hopes and dreams around. I am the Hypno hotty who will make you beg to stop, but we both know it all happens on my terms.

So little time, so many freaks. I love the boys who want the unlimited adventures, and though there are many, I have a few I like more than others. Erotic Hypnosis, compelled fem, DD/dlg, Coed, Gold digger, Human ATM, Strap-on play, and compelled intox.