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The Best Phone Sex Slut Mona

Mama Mona is three things. Nasty, twisted, and addictive! Comparable to none. This little bitch has more skeletons in her closet than the local haunted house. You see when you come from a whore you have no choice but to become one. I never planned on being like mama, like mine didn’t plan on being like me. Too late for that. My boy and girl have been helping mama drive men crazy for years.

I remember way back to my younger years. Mama sent daddy to work for the week. He was a long haul truck driver and didn’t make it home often. My mother had men who would come over during the downtime. That trailer would rock all night long. My brother and I listened to the wall when she did. We would lie in bed at night and mimic the sounds mama made. Her cries, moans, and even the slaps across her face… Mama liked it rough.

These days are the same. I’ve done the married life, but I prefer being a divorcee. No one to tell me that being the trailer park crack whore mama is wrong. My kids sure won’t tell me that. Not when I give them a taste now and then. That pretty little blonde will be like mama one day. I already see the men rubbing their dicks when she walks through a crowd. My boy will be too. Don’t tell his daddy I got me a little gay boy in training. His sister has been training him to suck dick and bend over for it too.

You ready to sniff some panties, or do you want to jerk off to that pretty snack? Feed me the candy I need, and I’ll make sure your cock is taken care of the right way. There is always a party down in the trailer park. Sometimes though, I need you to come over and babysit for me. You give me the shit I need, and I will make sure you get a personal fix. Mama Mona does it all for the glass pipe.

Now y’all know that I will do anything, but there are a few things I like the best. Roleplay, Coed, babysitting, dirty panties, compelled intox, and even some of these hardcore fantasies. Y’all know the ones. fuck fantasies and sexfantasy stories… They make me wanna lean back rub my pussy while telling you about all the filth that goes on in my place. Don’t forget. I got what you need. Ask for Mama Mona today.