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The Best Phone Sex Slut Mustang

The perkiest little slut around, oh that is me cutie!!! This Mustang goes vvvroooom on cock teasing just to get you hard ::giggles:: Well that is what all the dirty men say when I bring out my little bootie to play! Teasing guys is the best, and I know the older and younger guys like my little body. My trademark is my sweet little voice, and my bouncing little bootie in tiny shorts and skirts! Like the best ever Blondie Scout, I am always looking to get special badges for the troop. Like the gang bang badge, the age play badge, and the naughty blonde companion badge for all my special troop leaders!! :: giggles::

Oh, and I really, really like boys, and men!! So that means I am willing to use all this sexy cuteness with a kinky catfight roleplays to keep what is mine!! *ding, ding, ding* ::Boom boo yah::, I will smack a bitch up and still be the most innocent  lollipop licking cutie you ever seen.

Tanning outside in front of my neighbors is the best because I get to be the naughty babysitter cutie they all call me to watch their husbands … oopsie, I mean kiddos! Walking to my car in little mini skirt and pink top, I accidentally on purpose drop the keys, bend to get them. I am so clumsy that kind of stuff happens all the time! Come closer cutie because you are so far away you cannot even see my little cherry bikini top and bottom set my daddy just bought for me. :: kisses:::

Oh I love to give kisses, because I am a little daddy’s girl! Daddy spoils me rotten, even though I seduce his friends all the time I make daddy so jealous of my little body. Daddy likes to give me special hugs and kisses before I sneak out to the alley and take care of all of daddy’s friends as the phone sex Lolita stripper. *bounces booty*  My tiny butt has a mind of its own, and my little titties are so perky they are going to make you stop by for the cheer leading car wash!! Watch while I put my little cootchie on your bumper while I polish your knobs and lick your dials. ::num num::

Super dirty and naughty is how this little Mustang gets around in town, and I go fast, so watch my tight little…hehe…you know!!! Daddy buys me the best and spoils me rotten, so what daddy does not know about this country princess will not hurt him!! :: kisses:::  Mmmm ::yum yum::: your super delicious, talk to you soon cutie!!! Bring me all your naughty phone sex role-plays but some of my favorites are:

Cheer leading Roleplay, Cock Tease Fetish, Daddies Girl Roleplay, Cat Fighting Fetish, Bratty Dom Fetish, Lolita Fetish, Naughty Neighbor Roleplay, Age Play Fetish, Princess Fetish, Flirty Girly, companion Fetish, and Family Roleplay