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The Best Phone Sex Slut Paulina

Born to hippies, Paulina grew up with the free love theory imprinted on her brain. Dad, Mom, and all the sisters and brothers are a very close knit family. We even had a communal bed that we all slept in, but there was never a lot of shut eye when the lights went out.

Sex was never a bad thing. It was beautiful and accepted. Loving your family came first though. Daddy was the one who took the girls on that special walk when they came of age. One of many, she held tight to his hand when it was her turn. He would take them to a cabin in the woods and at night, all the men in the family would get a taste of virgin pussy.

Daddy was first of course. She came from his seed so seemed only right that he washed her walls for the first time. No one pulled out; they played a game of ovary roulette. If she got knocked up, they would all hope for another girl. If not, there was always next time.

5 dicks later, the whore was on the loose. This little tramp can’t get enough dicks. Watch out, she will fuck you, your brother, and your father too. After getting caught with her best friends Dad balls deep inside of her. Every family in town was asking Paulina to babysit for them. Her pockets have never been empty, and either has her pussy. 50 bucks to babysit and an extra hundred to clean the pipes. Seems like a pretty good deal for a horny husband.

Anything goes, and everything is always welcomed, but when someone asks for taboo. I squeal in excitement. Roleplay, sexfantasies, dd/dlg, brother/sister, Mother/Daughter, Coed, and even companion. I love when we get to talk about all those dirty secrets no one is supposed to hear. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your dirty little secrets.