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The Best Phone Sex Slut Serenity

Spoiled and bossy, both define me. I mean, look at me. I am a young blonde Goddess and attention whore at heart.  Men will do anything to get into my tight little cunt and perfect ass. I have a long list of references from those that have gotten a little taste of Serenity. 

My need for cock started early, but all daddy’s tiny cock did was make me giggle. What the fuck did he want me to do with that? He thought since I was small and young, I wouldn’t know the difference. Oh boy! Was he wrong! I had a lot of cocks to measure him against and he was an inchworm loser.  He paid me a lot of money to keep his secret if I would allow him to be a voyeur.

Mommy was always so jealous of me, and my ability to wrap daddy right around my little finger. What she didn’t know was that I was blackmailing him. Yep, I have always taken pics of dad in very compromising positions. He is a secret panty slut. He loved for his little Princess to humiliate, dominate and abuse his wallet.  I know all his deliciously dirty fantasies. 

He was a cuckold and loved watching me get fucked, filled up and stretched by BBC. He would beg to clean up his sweet, creamy sinful daughter. It didn’t matter the age, but the chocolate cocks made him cum hard.  Papa knew I could control every cock I played with. 

My seductive voice will have you stroking until you spurt your baby batter all over. I can be the most adorable little angel or a devious devil. It’s up to you. My love of all things taboo and fetish is what makes me so fucking nasty. Wait until you hear my true erotic stories and xxx taboo tales. I love watching guys jack off. Especially when I am telling them how and when they can cum. And sometimes, I don’t let them cum at all. 

Pops always brought men home for me. None of them got to fuck me. I got to practice on their asses with my strap-on. I love hollowing out virgin assholes. Their sissy water dripping as they came over and over made me giggle. I like to teach cock sucking lessons, edge guys until they beg and destroy cocks with CBT.  I have no limits and neither should you. 

Let me be your confessional. I know you have things you can’t tell anyone. Those are the secrets I want to hear. I cater and pander to the most extreme men on the planet.  If you are in need of a hot release, call me. I am Serenity, the calm before the storm. I won’t tell if you don’t.  

What kind of domination do you need? Cock control is my life.  Want to know what makes me wet?  Hot, no limits Coed games, daddy/daughter roleplay, bratty teen domination of any kind , xxx storytelling, JOI, Edging, SPH, and even Foot Fetish fantasies.