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The Best Phone Sex Slut Stasia

Hot Mom, sexy MILF, Soccer Mom, all that fits Stasia the moment you lay eyes on her. The definition of a perfect wife on the outside, it’s that slut side of her that will make you keep coming back for more.

Blonde, busty, and the perfect slut, this hot and nasty Mama of little ones loves to share some dirty stories. I love giving the details of my day to day adventures, and my secret fantasies. I adore watching the husband driving off and the lovers were coming through the back door. They love to eat me raw as I am waving out the window as he pulls out of the driveway. I love a Man who takes care of his family.

I was a few weeks into married life when I got my first taste of what it’s like to be a wife. Night after night my husband spent his time at the office. We wanted to buy a house and he was working overtime. A knock at the door and when I opened it His Boss stood there smiling. He gave this visit to all the young wives of the new employees. The boss explained that if I wanted my husband to make more money, I needed to put in overtime too. On my knees, my back, and even swallowing huge loads of cum. usually I would spit, but not anymore.

My husband received his first promotion in the first 6 month employed there. We moved in our own home, and within 4 months our first daughter was born. To thank him, the boss took the title of God father. Funny how that worked out, hmmm? I am a regular little nymph housewife thanks to the helping hands of all the Men in my husband office.

Shhh, I’ve never let my husband know I cheat, or do phone sex. Can you imagine fucking me, and him coming home and getting your sloppy seconds? Some of my favorite things to do on the phone are: Roleplay, Incest, MILF, Family stories, Cheating, Cuckolding, and even a little mild Domination. That is only the tip of the iceberg. I am a dirty little bitch, but that’s a secret.