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The Best Phone Sex Slut Stella

There is a time in life when a boy grows up and prefers the adult toys over those little ones. Women with curves replace the bone thin ones who are materialistic and demanding. A real woman wants someone she can teach and guide into becoming a real Man.

As a substitute biology teacher, I always love when I’m requested to teach a sex education class. The looks on the faces when the students walk in and I have live models for them is priceless. Now, this might not all be what they tell their families, but if they want me to keep coming back, they keep quiet.

Welcome to my class. Today we are going to learn about the human reproductive system. You may all remove your clothing if you want, but you don’t have to. That’s my opening line and guess what? About 75 percent of them get naked before I even finish.

In this class you will learn about not only how the body works, but how to get the other person excited. How to stroke a cock. What happens when you place the penis in your mouth for the first time? I even have some cum samples for you to taste.

As you can see, I have a very popular class, and I love the fantasies that involve extreme age differences. My own sons were the ones I practiced on, and they are now very popular and all the girls love them. My home growing up was one where you could have sex anytime, anywhere, and now I live that way too. My boys will bring their girlfriends over so Mama can see how much they have grown. I’m so proud of each time they fill a pussy full.

Where you love the MILF, the girl next door, or have a fantasy about your favorite teacher. Ask for Stella to show you all the dirty deeds that only an older woman can give.