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The Best Phone Sex Slut Tama

Labeled a Fetish Princess, I wear this crown with honor and pride. There is nothing normal with this exotic temptress. I have certain needs, and I would never settle for anything but the best for myself. 

I started this journey out as one of those girls that worked in the fetish clubs. You know. Leather, lace, screaming, pain, you know…all the fun things in life. Being the curious Kitten that I am, I watched and learned. I spent time with a Mistress, and No, I am not one, but I found that with her, I learned so much. 

First called kinky, then freak, but now, I am just called. Yes, I think we both know what that means. When something falls into the category of non-normal, I am the one they come to. My specialty is pain. Both giving, and receiving, but I do have a favorite. Can you figure out which one it is?

At a young age, introduced to a new world, I stumbled upon a freak show. Well that’s what some would call it. I call it home. Sitting in the front row, the woman on the stage, my best friend, screamed out as she welted from the flogging. Her body covered in streaks of red, my panties dampened with each new mark. I thought myself a sadist for the first few moments, but before I left, that would be me up there.

Crying the first time, my tears were a river of heat. I was no Sadist. I am an exhibitionist. I was gushing from the pain. Nipple clamps, floggers, strap-ons, and even my first butt plug. Welcome to the world of Fetish.

I have a few favorites, but never limited: Pain, snuff, violent oral, toys, leather and latex, and public sex. There is never a limit, or a taboo that I won’t break. My Mantra is “You only live once, but sometimes, once is enough”

Dark hair, dark eyes, and the soul of a seductress. My door is always open for new adventures. Don’t let fear ever stand in your way. I love trying something new daily.