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The Best Phone Sex Slut Tonya

Hello there. I’m Tonya, the walking, talking definition of a Trophy wife. I married for money, not for love, but before you feel sorry for my husband, he knew from day one that I would never love him. Not on the emotional level at least.

Married to the game, not the player, I belong to an exclusive group of women called the Horny Wives Club. Living in the burbs, all the women kiss the husbands goodbye at the door, and then the real fun begins. Meeting at 9am each morning for coffee, we plan our days out, and who we’re fucking that day. One day it might be the pool boy, and another the delivery man, but to be honest, I love when I  get a shot at my neighbor’s husband.

Each one of us has a “secret”, or so the men think. We all get laid by each other’s mates, well except my husband. He’s in the closet and does my best friend’s college step son. Cheating has become routine for this group, and the last weekend each month we all go to dinner and share. Sometimes the shocking secrets come out, and sometimes, they can’t. Like the time I sucked off the guy next-door 1 hour before his wedding. I can’t share that one yet.

A typical night in my household would involve the husband bent over and taking it in the ass for me. Another option is my favorite though. At times I tie him up and make him stay in the closet while I get fucked in my marital bed. He can’t jerk off, and if he doesn’t give me full details of what he sees. I won’t give him the snack pack they leave behind. That’s our deal. I cheat; he gets to eat the cream pie once they leave.

Though nothing is off limits with me, there are a few things that make me squirt. Cheating wife roleplay, anal sex, Strap-on play, compelled Fem/ compelled Bi, and cum eating. Don’t think this is a limit though. I love to explore it all. The Horny Wives Club is all about pleasing.