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The Best Phone Sex Slut Trina

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Trina. She was the apple of her Daddy’s eye, Her Mama’s Princess, and the perfect little angel. A girl with a heart of gold, but the ambitions of a slut. 

From the start of school she attended an all-girls Catholic school, and what they say them is spot on. That school puts out some of the nastiest girls ever born. The spankings by the Nuns though punishing, and meant to teach a lesson, were erotic. Imagine that short plaid skirt rolled up, knees socks on, and a bare ass covered in ruler imprints. Hard yet? You should be. Some of us even came when spanked. Bald little pussies look so good when red and swollen.

As the years went by, and we all got older, a secret group of us girls learned a new way to make money. School girl live porn came to life. We set up a live feed showing anyone who would pay what went on when the lights went off. Lesbian sex and masturbation with the prayer candles. Oh, we never inserted them in our pussy. A good girl never does. That’s why God gave us an ass. The poop hole is the loop hole! Our virginity was to remain till marriage. It was the way God planned it. 

I have a dirty little secret though. We set up a camera in the Nuns showers. Each night when they would go in, we turned it on for the world of freaks to watch. Sister Mary and Sister Jessamine never stopped putting out some hot and nasty pornography. Licking, sucking, and even some ass to mouth. I guess you can say that a Nuns life isn’t as boring as one would think. 

My favorite experience was when I got caught masturbating and had to explain my actions to the Father. As I explained each stroke of my fingers over my little virgin pussy, his dick got harder. That was the first time I ever took a real communion. The seed of Jesus splashed right down my greedy throat. Punishment was I had to do this nightly for a full month. I never missed a midnight snack.

I love to play nasty, but even a little one like me has a few favorites: dd/dlg, blasphemy, oral sex, anal sex, rough phone sex, compelled fantasies, sexroleplay, and family sexstories.