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All my friends wanted to go to a glory hole for the first time. I will admit I was worried, but I don’t want to be the odd one out. If I didn’t go, they would spend the evening talking about me, and who wants that?

“Come on Katie, go with us. You know you want to.”
Of course, I wanted to go but was unsure about what I would see there. I never even imagined that I would be one of the girls that go into a room. I never was into a stranger’s cum, but something was stirring in my panties thinking about it. Cocks are so much fun, but when you don’t know the owner, the deviance can make a girl tingle with need and want.

“It’s a glory hole. Nothing will bite in there.”

It will cum, drench, and splatter though. Are there rules to using the room? I don’t know if there are, but I broke each one if there were. I should of asked if I was supposed to stroke or suck. I didn’t know, so of course, I got on my knees and sucked. My friends caught me in the act and screamed.
“KATELYNN, never take one in your mouth. Stroke only.”
They had their cameras out and began to film it. I was so freaked that my family might see this. Jerking this big black cock off, I looked down for the first time and noticed I was in a mountain of cum. Oh god, I was kneeling in days worth of stranger cum. Sick, right? How cum I was soaking wet from it then?
After we went home, I snuck back to the place. I was supposed to be going to my house, but I couldn’t. I needed to finish what I started. Should I tell my friends that at the glory hole I let the guys come inside of me?