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Gooners are my new favorite projects. I take all their money and laugh while they pull their problems out of their pants. Want to know a secret? The younger I am, the more allowance I get. Drop those numbers and it’s raining cash for me to spend.

Pointing and laughing, aren’t you pathetic? Sitting in front of the screen all day and pumping that chump in your pants. Drool coming from your mouth, you can’t look away. Did you ever think that one day you would be a porn addict? All those subscriptions to the porn sites will drain your wallet, but not as much as I plan on. Keep pumping and I trace every number of that credit card with the nails you paid for. Spoiled brat? Oh, you have no clue just how deep I will take you.

On your knees gooner, my fingers twisting the flesh on your chest. That’s a reminder to focus on the filthy pornography while I call the bank. Oh look, they just deposited your check. Gosh, piggy, you might need a second job to support me. School is back in session and Homecoming will soon be here. I need a new dress if they are going to make me Queen again this year.

Gooner piggy, time to pay the Princess. 

One, two, I’m coming for you. Stroke, but never cum. Icky. That’s disgusting. Edging is the new way to spend your life. You wrap that little hand around your failure, and I will make sure to take per stroke. Oink for me while I laugh all the way to the mall. Yes, we are going to the mall. I want you to feel my wrath with each purchase I make. I have a date on Friday, and I told him you would pay for the entire night. Gooner, you will never escape!

Good – Stroke – Swipe


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