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Does your family have a secret? Yummy recipe that has been getting passed down for years. Well, in my family, we have Grandpa’s special sauce! It is so delicious and creamy. It goes great with pretty much anything you can think of to pour it on top of! Papaw says his father and grandfather passed the tradition down to him. Now he gets to share it with us!
At Thanksgiving, we do not even use gravy for our mashed potatoes. Instead, everyone fights over the giant bowl of Grandpa’s special sauce! Mommy loves to use it as salad dressing, pouring it over her lettuce and wiping it off her lip as she eats. My little sister likes to mix it in with her cereal every morning. But my favorite way to eat it is straight out of the container with a spoon! I can never seem to shovel it into my little throat fast enough!
The recipe is super-duper secret, though, and only a couple of people know what all goes into it. That is, until one day when I walked in on Grandpa making his special sauce from scratch. I was not supposed to be awake, but my little feet pattered downstairs for a drink of water in the middle of the night. My princess nightgown clung to my barely legal body as I shuffled down the hallway. Rubbing my eyes, that is when I noticed that the light to his office was on, and the door cracked open enough for me to peek in.

Grandpa loves his little girl.

I had to throw my little hand up over my gaping mouth. I gasped in complete shock at the sight before me! Grandpa was jerking his big hard cock off into the bowl we used to keep his special sauce! His mouth was open a little bit as he panted. Stroking his meat up and down as fast as he could.
It took me a moment to get over my shock. That is when I noticed that he was looking at pictures of me, my little sister, my cousins, and my mommy when she was our age! In every photo, we were either in the bubble bath, splashing around, or wearing our small bikinis at the pool. He was getting turned on by our small virgin bodies!
Backing away from the doorway as quiet as I could, I turned around and ran back upstairs to my bed. I laid down next to my sleeping sister and vowed to never tell anyone what I saw Grandpa doing. Instead, I made sure to get myself an extra helping of his special sauce whenever I had the chance!
Do you have some special sauce you want my little mouth to try? Call now for some naughty phone sex fun and let’s see how nasty we can get!