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best friends husband

Since high school, my closest acquaintance has been Sarah. We have been so close since we were young, but, recently, there has been one problem. For the past several years, I have been having a secret affair with my Best Friends Husband, Tony.

He is so tall, dark, and sexy, I couldn’t help myself! The first time we realized our attraction and decided to fuck was on their wedding day. It was between the ceremony and reception. Sarah was off taking solo photos with the photographer in her beautiful white gown. Tony and I happened to be walking down the same hallway when we caught eyes, and everything changed.

He pulled me into the linen closet of the hotel hosting the party. In the dark, our hands began to grope at my Bridesmaid’s dress. Pulling a tit out, he wrapped his hot mouth around my nipple and suckled with haste. Unbuckling his pants with haste, I reached down and grabbed the thick cock. He turned me around, pulling my panties to the side before shoving himself inside of me. The entire thing lasted less than three minutes, but it was so fucking hot!

I felt guilty, but knowing I was naughty for banging my Best Friends Husband made us want even more.

Now, years later, we still fuck whenever we get the chance. If Sarah is out of town, I come over and sleep in their bed with Tony while he fucks me on the comforter she picked out. Almost every time I am over for a get together, Tony and I manage to sneak into the laundry room or bathroom for a moment. Sometimes I take his meat into my mouth and let him shoot a load down my throat. Other times I bend over and let him cum inside my cunt! We do it so much, part of me is sure my Best Friends Husband is the father of my baby!

I know it’s so wrong, but I love doing things I’m not supposed to. Want to hear more about how we sneak behind Sarah’s back? Call for some naughty phone sex and let’s have some fun!