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My favorite thing to do is to make my father happy! One thing he loves to do is Kidnapping young girls. Since before I was born, my father was doing just that. I have been his accomplice ever since I was born. Providing young girls of all ages makes him so very happy indeed.

Sure, you might think he is a pervert, but he’s my pervert! And it makes my other family members very envious. As the teacher at a local school, I keep a good eye on the bratty girls. And it is very easy for me to kidnapping them for my Daddy. I’m a predator, but it’s my biological nature to obey my family’s wishes and, of course, be discreet! Those bratty bitches at my school makes it easy for me to stalk my prey for my extreme age play fantasies.


I will go to any lengths to make sure my father is happy. And I have never disappointed him for I am an anything goes, and I will always be his age play accomplice! As the holiday approaches, I have a great plan for him and my family. My father’s sexual deviancy is my number one priority. As my father’s personal skilled naughty girl and observing those pretty girls at my school, I know how to be discreet. And being their teacher is very easy for me to Kidnapping them. The moment I bring home the bratty slut, all my father’s dreams and wishes come true. And we as a family will enjoy rough sex with young girls. 

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