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Are you ready to jerk that thick cock in my pretty little face, covering my pink cheeks in a gooey facial? I love being your naughty cum dumpster, taking your load wherever your heart desires.

Feeling you fill up one of my holes with your white surprise makes my pussy so wet. But nothing beats painting a beautiful picture across my tiny nose and lips. It makes you feel as though you are marking me as yours, my face off-limits to any other throbbing dicks.
You always have me start by sucking your man meat, choking you down and deep throating like a good whore. Your hands on the back of my head, forcing the head of your dick to grind against my tonsils! That cock is so far down my throat, my big beautiful eyes begin to water. Mascara and eyeliner drip down my blushed cheeks, smearing my makeup. I love being your cock sucking princess, taking my pounding like a good girl. Your balls bounce against my chin until you are ready to pull out and give me my facial!

No spa needed for this facial.

Now, you order me to sit back on my knees and look up at you while you take your big cock into your hands. I spread my slender thighs a little, making sure my puffy pink pussy is all spread open and exposed to you. Aren’t I a hot little fuck toy? I know how much you love when I tease you before I get my glorious facial. Reaching up to my perky nipples, I begin to pinch and massage my breasts, licking my lips as I watch you. Your hand wraps around your pulsating dick, using the spit I left behind to masturbate.
Your full balls are almost ready to explode and present me with my sticky facial. I close my eyes so I can make sure you do not get any of the creamy goodness in them on accident. Sticking out my tongue, I wait with patience, wanting to make sure at least a little bit lands inside my mouth. The taste makes my slutty cunt drip!
What do you think? Are you ready to call for some no taboo phone sex and cover me in your fresh cum? Jerk off and listen to my voice as I beg you for that load! Come on, it is time for you to cover my face in your love juice! I’m ready for my facial.