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Daddy's little girl
Sweet Gracie has always had a fantasy of being Daddy’s little girl. Since I am divorced and her father doesn’t make much time for her, she has a habit of adopting Daddy’s. Any man that comes over to the trailer becomes Daddy to her.

Most of the men think its cute and treat her like Daddy’s princess, but this blog isn’t about the sweet ones. This is about the friend I had over that preyed on her innocence and taught her all about teen sex. He and I took control of Little Gracie’s hot body and fucked her senseless. It all started with a tiny little swimsuit. He bought that suit knowing it would be too little. He had her try it on in the bedroom with both of us present. She protested, saying good girls didn’t get naked in front of Daddies, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. I had to use my mean mommy voice to make her comply. But the show that daddy’s little girl gave was well worth the effort.

Daddy’s little girl was in for more than she bargained for.

The swimsuit did little to cover her cute little body. Looking at Daddies little girl in her state of undress had my friend’s big cock hard as a rock. Gracie asked why Daddy’s hands were inside my robe and we showed her exactly what we were doing. We soon started touching her little bald pussy the same way. Gracie cried and begged us to stop. Instead of stopping, Daddy shoved his cock down her little throat to stop all the noise she was making. Silent tears streamed down her cheeks. Knowing what would happen next, I started munching on her little cunt. I wanted to get it ready to take Daddy’s big cock. Once Daddy placed his hard cock next to her little hole, her cries intensified. That only served to excite him more. Soon he had Gracie’s little body bouncing hard up and down on Daddy’s lap.
Watching him fuck Daddy’s little girl was such a turn on for me, I had to do something to relieve my own needs. I straddled little Gracie’s face and force fed her my pussy. Even thinking about it right now has got mama flooding her panties. I’m waiting on Daddy to come back for round number two.