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summer camp

Ready for another hot Summer Camp Experience? Where the beautiful girls roam around in barely anything at all. We call this camp the Biggest Loser experience. No, not like the television show. We do want you to lose weight, but only in your wallet.

Located in Malibu, California, this summer camp exists on the beach. You know, where all the pretty young busty girls play. The bigger the breasts, the more you lose. Don’t worry, P-Daddy, you will never be alone after one summer with us. Well, that’s a lie. If you lose your job, your will be someone else’s bitch. We have no time for broke bitches.

Summer camp for obese wallets.

Lusty and busty, our hot teen girls will sweet talk you into paying for their Senior Year in high school. With promises of sex, your wallet rests in the hands of greedy little gremlins all trying to be the Summer Camp Queen.

Little Lolita of the year will get her last high school year paid for by YOU. Back to school clothing, Homecoming, and even Senior Prom. Make sure when you join us for hot girls summer, you bring your wallet, a fat bank account, and leave the willpower at home. We have no time for those evil thoughts.

So, are you ready for a summer camp you will never forget? Pack light because there is nothing you need other than a fat paycheck. Clothing is optional, and yes, if you have a small dick, we encourage you to be naked. Our girls need something to laugh about while they spend all your hard-earned cash. The bus is on its way, and make sure you take the loser express to play with our hot girls. Don’t worry. We’ll drop you off at Skid Row when the summer is over.

summer camp