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hot house wives

Being a young hot house wife isn’t always what people think it is. I spend my day in lingerie cleaning and cooking but I do have some sexy dirty confessions. I always want fucking cock so sometimes I break things just so I can call a hot repairman and make him use me like the fucking slut I am.

 He bends me over the broken kitchen sink and drives his big fucking cock deeper and deeper into my holes. He knows I don’t like my husband’s old man cock who can’t even get it up. I have to call a young hot man to fulfill my needs, that means I have to do what I do to get satisfied. One thing I love to do is lay out in my front yard in my thong bikini and no too. The other house wives are always talking about me, they’re just Jealous of how hot and young I am. 

A young hot housewife who loves being fucked.

And I also fuck their husbands but that’s another confession I’m telling you today. The husbands always come over after work to get a piece of the suburban slut before they go home to their old wrinkly wives. My husband gets his hot young wife’s pussy too, but obviously, he doesn’t satisfy me. I need cock every day and if I don’t I go dick crazy is what I call it. One day after my husband went to work I invited over 6 big black guys who have massive black cocks to fuck me. 

When they came in I was kneeling in front of the front door completely naked because I know I’m a worthless little black cock whore. They start whipping out their gigantic 12-inch cocks and slapping them across my face. I fucking love getting sick slapped like the little cunt whore I am. I shove one down my throat. I am gagging and drooling everywhere. My pussy is getting so wet thinking about getting gang banged for hours. Sometimes when I am feeling extra naughty I will make my husband watch, and of course, he isn’t allowed to cum.

 What he is allowed to do is crawl over to me when I am done getting gang banged and clean me up. I like when he sucks all that white sweet cum out of all my tight young holes. What kind of confessions do you have and can I be one?