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housewife phone sexSuburban housewife? Is that what you see when I pull up outside of Starbucks? I’m amazing at hiding the fact that I’m on the prowl. I am non-stop on the hunt for someone to fuck. Not that I was always like this. In a previous life I was somewhat normal. Then I married an older man. Very rich and very old. We agreed before we took our vows that I would need to seek sexual satisfaction outside our marriage. He wanted me to bad that he was willing to promise me anything. The hubby is impotent. He’s happy being my sugar daddy. A wallet packed with credit cards makes me happy. He pays. I play. The cheating isn’t even that. It’s condoned and we just don’t talk about it.

The subcontractor who did the remodel right after our wedding was the first stranger cock I had. Once the hubs almost walked in on me blowing the builder in the middle of the living room. But Henry was clueless, even when he pointed out the paint speckles on the knees of my leggings. After that I let the UPS man bend me over the couch and plow my ass after carrying in a big delivery for me. It wasn’t that I couldn’t carry it myself. I work out and stay in shape. But the real reason was because I’d been eyeing him as a new piece of fuckmeat for a couple of months. He’s a regular fuck buddy now, of course. And let me tell you…the plumber who ran the new hot tub out back laid pipe like a pro, if you get my meaning. A happy housewife, indeed!

This housewife loves finding a good piece of strange cock every day.

I morphed into a predator and if you had dick that I wanted you were my prey. At the mall, the grocery store, the doctor’s office. Lord, let me tell you when my gynecologist was doing my annual exam, he made certain to be thorough. That man even went so far as to test the stress my vagina could take. Yeah…you guessed it. I went home that day and let the old man eat Dr. Kennedy’s cum straight out of my cunt. He’s been a good boy and deserves some cream pie. A well fucked housewife is always a joy to be around. Get ready, because you’re up next. Are you ready to hear my confessions?