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I have been such a cocktease to you haven’t I, daddy? Ever since I was a little slut I would show off my naked body around you. I would always want you to come to my room to dress up.

Watching my expose you to my little body every day for so long. As I got older I would leave the door unlocked and purposely make noise so you would come to check on me.
I would say I have been a little fucking cocktease, haven’t I? Well, I can tell you getting tired of it daddy. You want to feel my tight pussy and use me like the whore I grew up to be. I’m surprised you have waited this long to teach me a lesson. Mommy is gone on a work trip and it’s just us.
I could hear you jerking off in your room. Mhm, moaning and grunting you’re sexually frustrated, aren’t you? Well, this is your perfect time to take me to the basement for a surprise. My surprise is a bed with chains on it. I look over at you and you throw me on the bed.

My cocktease skills are on point.

You climb on top of me and chain me up. Oh my gosh daddy, what are you doing! You spread my legs and tell me you have had enough of my cocktease attitude. Sliding your big fat daddy cock out and make me beg for it. I refuse and you slap me across my whore face.
You’re going to make me listen. You know I sneak boys in and fuck them so why won’t I fuck my daddy, you explain to me. I just shake my head and beg for you not fuck me. But at that moment you want to fuck me more than you ever wanted to.
You bend me spread my legs farther and start pounding me. Yelling saying I’m a cocktease and you’re going to show me how sluts are treated. You pound me harder and harder with your fat cock until I am screaming at the top of my lungs. Looking down at my sexy body.
You start feeling on my nipples and pinching them. You like don’t you, tell me. I shake my head and you just fuck my tight pussy harder. And I think to myself I will think twice before I am a cocktease again. Daddy has many plans for me and this won’t be it