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Impregnation fantasy pleasing daddyImpregnation fantasy pleasing daddy makes me the happiest like ever ::kisses::. My mom and dad have taught me so much, I want to give them someone new to teach!

Ever since I was small I have been suckling on my daddy, and he loves my little body. Daddy says being a princess means I have special obligations to the family! Like making more little babies for daddy. That and craving daddies semen, so bad I ovulate.

Impregnation fantasy, and breeding daddy is so important the family watches.

My brothers, sisters, and their wives and husbands all take part. My sisters and mom lick my little bubblegum :: moans::. And their husbands get to finally see me naked. Daddy is always so territorial he never wants to share me. Mother wants me to please daddy like she did. Mother had me and 7 siblings. I want to beat her record!!! ::giggles::.

But daddy wants to keep me little, and I want to use my little tootie to milk all the cream out of him. Some nights even after I suck him off, I need to feel him inside of me. Like most natural girls, I would never take birth control. Daddy bare backs me, and gives me cream pies momma licks up in all our fantasies. Daddy says I am the sexiest of his daughters, and wants my brothers to be horny for me too.

They can jerk their cocks but they have to give it to momma. It is a big deal in my family for a mating ritual. No cum can be wasted, that is like sac religion. Daddy can put his penis in my butt or my special place. When he puts it in my special place I start shaking and moaning so hard!!!

With my daddy he seduces me, because I am so innocent minded. So girlie, it is not right for me to try and advance on a man. Especially because I am like a bitch in heat. Daddy knows the right time, and he knows tonight I will take all his loads. Big loads from daddy and licking momma while she kisses me back ::moans:::.. Every cum load is special with daddy, I like to taste him, but tonight I will feel him deep inside. XoXo  ::::::::Vrooom::: Mustang