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The 4th of July is one of my daddy’s favorite holidays because we always go on our annual camping trip. This means we get to be alone and daddy gets to take full advantage of me. sexis best is what daddy always tells me, but it’s a secret from mommy. This year I had a big surprise, I sneaked some of my mommy’s lingerie.

  As soon as we got into the woods and started setting up, I went into the tent. I told daddy to shut his eyes. I slipped on some red lace thong panties that my soft hairless cunt was peaking through. Daddy gets so hard anytime he sees thigh highs, so I brought some. I slipped my feet in these soft white thigh highs, they come right to my mid-thigh. Then. I got a red white and blue bra that pushes my tittes up so well. 

sexwith daddy is perfect to celebrate the 4th. 

Of course, I couldn’t forget the pigtails with my 4th of July bows. When I walk out of the tent, I ask daddy if I look like a good girl? He nods and tells me to come to lay by the fire. I lay my little body right next to the fire while daddy slides his hands up my thigh. I spread my legs and he slides my panties to the side and starts licking my little clit. I squirm and daddy tells me to be quiet, the campers next to us are sleeping. I giggle, I love being an sexslut for daddy’s big fat cock. 

 I bend over the shared picnic table and tell daddy to take my ass right there. Daddy don’t be scared I have been saving my ass for a special occasion and as soon as daddies slide his big fat cock into my tiny rosebud fireworks start happening. I guess America isn’t the only thing needing to be celebrated tonight. It’s the night I give my baby girl asshole to my daddy, as the explosions happen all around us.

 I beg for daddy to shoot his load of swimmers into my little girl asshole. I bounce back and forth watching our campfire flames get higher and higher. Daddy grunts louder and louder, I can feel those balls getting so filled with sweet cummies for his baby girl.

 He pulls that dick as deep as he can go in my ass and unleashes a massive cum load into my sweet brown hole and I let out the biggest moan. It’s good that the fireworks covered my scream of sexjoy. What a way to celebrate, huh daddy?