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incest fantasy
As usual, I waited until the house settled down before creeping into his room. My bro always slept in boxers which is why it shocked me when I crawled in bed and he’s naked. My incest fantasy was about to become a reality.

I cuddled up beside him, slipping my leg over his like I always did. I’d started dozing when I felt my brother moving. My eyes closed and I was almost asleep but my tummy started wiggling all around. Like a million butterflies, it felt naughty and I was afraid to open my eyes! When I did, my brother’s eyes were on my lips. The movement was from his hand working up and down his shaft.

Incest fantasy is one hot roleplay.

Gently, he put his hand over mine and guided my little fingers over his cock. I began to feel a craving between my legs. It was so weird cuz I’d never felt anything like it! It was a cross between an ache and pain. Just watching my hand moving on my brother’s private parts! Wow! He started moving faster and faster until something warm and sticky shot all over my hand. We fell asleep that night and never spoke of it.

Do you ever have an incest fantasy.

My brother taught me all I needed to know about hot incest fantasies! He was the first man to ever slide his finger inside me, his cock in my mouth, then my pussy. I love my brother so much for all the wisdom he gave me. One year, my brother brought in our other brother! That was good times, let me tell you. A hot incest threesome with all of us. Both of my brothers showing me how much they love me. I have so many other Incest stories to share. Give me a call so I can tell you all about them!