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Incest fantasy
Have you ever had an incest fantasy? Well, I have had more than fantasies. I grew up as an incest princess and I couldn’t have liked it more. It started when I was just a tiny Bopper. My daddy believes you have to train little sluts early. And he couldn’t have been more right. So my first training was a couple of nights after my mommy brought me home. He was so excited he could barely control his pervert cock.

His incest fantasy was finally complete having a sweet little slut like me. So he took me into his room and slide my little diappy to the side. He couldn’t believe his eyes, my perfect tiny cunny. His cock got immediately hard and my eyes light up. I was a little whore down to the bone.
He took my little hand and started rubbing his cock with my hands. He stroked himself up and down and should be how to touch him. He told me it’s like holding my bottle and my little cunny start to tingle.

My incest fantasy is extra filthy.

That’s when he brought me into my brother’s room and told him to use my mouth. My tiny mouth opened up and my brother told me to like it like a Lollypop. My little tongue swirled my brother’s cock head and I got a mouth full of sweet precum. Brother and sister incest fantasy.
That’s when I learned I have a magical mouth. My mommy always said that having a good mouth is the beginning of being a good whore. My daddy’s incest fantasy didn’t stop there. It was my time to get that cock into my cunny. So he took my body and slide me down on his cock super gentle.
I started to moan and cry a little. He smacked my little face and told my good Sluts don’t cry. And I just kept sliding up and down that cock until daddy filled me with seed. That’s when I realized I’m meant to be my family’s cum dumpster and I couldn’t have been more happy about that.
I’d you want your naughty incest fantasy fulfilled then I am the right whore for you. I have so many real stories that will make your cock explode. I bet you want your little girl on that cock and I can make that happen, daddy. My incest fantasy will drive you crazy and I want to make that fucking cock squirt on my tiny pussy.