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Incest fantasy

Have you ever had an incest fantasy before? Well, that is one of my favorite kinky things to talk about., as soon as you say you like that my fucking sweet little cunt gets so creamy. My brother started playing with cunt when I was so young and that made me want all that incest cum.

My favorite is when my grandpa would come over and I would sit on his lap and he would bounce me up and down. I could feel his long wrinkly cock bouncing and hitting my cunt lips. I could feel my cunny soaking through my little cotton panties and grandpa noticed too. He knew he could live out his perfect incest fantasy with his little granddaughter slut. He put my hair up in little pigtails and he loved me in this frilly little dress that shows my little bum. Papa liked to spank my little bottom and watch my ass jiggle, I loved having my incest fantasy pervert grandpa touching all over my little body.

My family is more than an incest fantasy.

Then we would pull down my little cotton white panties and spread my cunt open so he could see my tight little hole. I could feel his wrinkly fingers feeling around my cunt exploring. I loved it when pap explored my cunny, those visits were always my favorite. Granny would watch too and rub her gapped old cunt as she watched her little girl get fucking with that long fat incest cock. Papa isn’t the only one who got to fulfill their incest fantasy, so did my brothers.

I can’t count how many times he would run his gang bangs on me with his jock friends. They love seeing a little pervert whore taking her brother’s cock, and I liked it when they would put their fucking cocks in me two at a time. They would call me the double penetration princess, hehe. Whatever incest fantasy you have we can so much fun because I am a nasty little slut that will do whatever you want.

Would you like that daddy? You can give me a call and you will fucking blow so many loads. I’m a real incest fantasy, I was taught very well by my dad and I know how to make that cock cream. C’mon daddy I need that cum in my tight cunt, I need daddies seed. Fill me with your seed so I can breed little whores for you.