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Don’t you love out adorable little Incest family? It makes me so happy to come home from the grocery store and finding you and the kids enjoying some play time.

I love spying on you when you think I am not home yet, peeking through the doorway. Watching you lick our daughter’s pudgy little cunt lips. Our son shoves his bald dick and balls down his sister’s throat, both of you filling her tiny body from both sides. Watching your thick Daddy meat try to force itself inside of her makes me soak my panties in pre-cum. I can’t stand only watching, I need to join in on this family fun!

You all cheer with excitement as I enter the room, immediately beginning to undress. I jump on the bed, giving you a big kiss, your hips never stop thrusting into our precious girl’s pussy. Our son jumps into my arms, burying his head in his mommy’s tits like a good boy. He takes one of my big nipples into his hot mouth, suckling it like he has done since infancy. My hands move to his round bottom, squishing and massaging it. He starts humping my tummy as one of my fingers slides into his airtight bum hole. His little dick is so hard, pushing against me!

We all stare in awe at our beautiful Incest.

You hold our daughter’s legs in the air, shoving as much of your dick inside of her as you are able. The further you push inside of her, the more of my finger enters our boy. We lean over, kissing each other with passion and lust as we pound our kids, assaulting their sexy holes. All at once, the four of us orgasm at the same time, blowing loads all over one another in an Incest painting!

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