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Before I knew exactly what I want to do hair, I spent some summers as an intern. My dads best friend is a prestige attorney and got me a spot while school is out.

If you don’t know, lawyers are very kinky people. It is because personal feelings get repressed and they spend a lot of time helping others. I won’t let my dad know how sexual the energy at the office is. Sometimes you can smell the sex in the air. I miss those days of dressing to the nines and spotting men jack off.

Being an intern is demanding, it allows you to feel what your strengths are.

Preparing coffee and papers. I remember walking around a corner and hearing a hard moan. I caught out of the corner of my eye some fetish porn. The kind of sexy clips with women wearing tight tops and stockings. I am a bit of a nympho so of course, my attention is at a peak. Going into the bathroom and rubbing my lips with my silky panties getting moist. Shopping is on my list, thinking I hear someone come in. Slipping out to my car.

On the way to the mall, thinking about the kind of stockings I want to wear. Going to pick up some high heels as well. The kind that says fuck me. Walking through the halls of the mall and thinking about my heels clacking. I want to get the attention of that in power. Finding the perfect pairs, one is black sheer with some lace at the band that comes up to my mid-thigh. Running up to my room, now I am 18 and I know I don’t want daddy to find me.

Getting ready for my intern spot in the morning.

Catching a glimpse of myself and I am feeling aroused. Being the first one in the office, hiking my skirt up. This is sure to get his attention, coming in he slumped down in the chair. I acted like something of mine fell and bending to pick it up. Looking back, biting my lip seeing his eyes bulge. He even has to adjust himself that is causing quite the giggles in me. He coughed and told me to go and check his messages. Knowing he is horny and wanting to explode.

What guy can resist a hot intern that is making your fetish porn into a reality?

Coming back the next day, I met him with myself sitting on his desk. I have my legs spread and my skirt all hiked up and my glasses falling down. Seeing him enter into the building, I act surprised and look down all girlish. He comes over and puts his hand under my chin with my head tilting up. Asking me why am I being such a bad girl? Running his fingertips up my thighs and grabbing my hips pushing that hard cock against me.

Feeling his hands run under the band of my stockings and snap it against my skin. I want to screw him so bad. He knows I am a cock addict, what did I get myself into? Trying to pull down from the desk, he moves his finger in a no motion. He bends me over the desk and pulls my skirt up. Stepping back I can tell he is looking at my red panties and black sheer stockings. He is so excited the way they wrap up the curves on my legs. Feeling a hard wap against my bum, I didn’t know what he is doing.

Harder the lashings come.

He came close, pulled my head back from my pony and told me not to cry. Being a cock tease isn’t a good thing if it comes out with this outcome. My glasses slid off and he told me to stay bent over in this position. He put that fetish porn back on so I am made to watch his girl finger herself. He loves watching her play with that pretty box and snapping the stockings. I get to watch him stroke it. I am so wet, I want that deep inside of me.

So, let’s be honest. Have you ever had an intern you had trouble resisting? If not what about a fantasy you want to drip about with me? I will wear whatever you like to make that more real. My name is Delicious Devon and I am waiting to explore your filth.