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Every summer, you are so excited to see what hot new little intern your office is going to get for the next few months. You and your buddies always take bets on which one of you will get to smash the little whore first! The morning she comes walking in, wearing a pencil skirt that is far too short, you know you need to have her first.

To the delight of all the guys in the office, she almost never decides to wear a bra when she comes to work. The tiny blouses she wears to show off her small tits, pointy nipples poking through the fabric. Each time she leans over the copy machine or water fountain, all the peeping Toms watching her get a little show! This is definitely the sexiest intern you’ve had yet! The barely legal minx has the place filled with boners on the daily! She must know what a little tease she is.

It is a good thing that all the bathrooms are a single person. They seem to be completely occupied more often than not as of late! The trash cans reek of sex, filled with cum covered toilet paper from guys jerking off to the intern. Even you were in there earlier, imagining her straddling you in your chair at your desk, pulling on your tie. Her petite body rubbing against your cock makes you explode with lust. You need to feel her from the inside!

Welcome to the office, Intern.

Then one night, the two of you are the last ones left in the office at night. You think you must be daydreaming as the slut everyone wants places her little bottom right on your desk. She pretends to need help with work as your eyes wander up the inside of her thighs to the little space love spot. Your hands reach out, spreading the intern open before either of you know what is happening!

She is not wearing panties and that drives you crazy. Sticking out your tongue, you dive into the little treat, slurping up the pretty young pussy. Her back arches, hands on the back of your head she humps herself against your face. The intern screams out, cumming all over your face! Standing up, you flip her around, bending her over your desk and pulling out your throbbing shaft.

Want to do more naughty things to that hot little slut? Call now for some fun phone sex and tell me what you would do to the new intern!