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JOI turns me on. It’s sexy to control how a man strokes for me. Dressing in my lacy thong and white tank top. A bra goes nice as well, it feels good. To describe how I want you to get that hand warm. My hands rubbing on my teen body that is heating up. The words coming from my youthful voice. Telling you to lick your fingertips and rub the head of that cock. There is a surprise at the end of your climax. Before that, I need to get you warmed up.


I want to be your personal fuck rag.

Looking to make that pistol in your pants rise. I will lie back in my bed. Part of me wants to fantasize about us having a personal stripper. She is hot like fire and has perfect tits. We are watching you naked. That cock rises to the occasion. This bitch no the rules no boyfriends while she claps her ass for us. Put that cock in your hand for some JOI. Relax back and get that lube out while we roll out on each other. We moan and let our breasts bump together. You watch our lips.

JOI will change your life.

We mouth to you rub the head of that cock. We come closer and I get my ass in the air and she comes up behind me. My round firm butt gets slapped. Now I want her out of the fantasy, Make that coconut oil even warmer and rub down your balls and cup them. They need love too, with your other hand. I want you to listen to JOI as I have you fist fucking that cock. Part of the fun is edging yourself. Getting close to getting off and then stopping to build it up.

Watching me stroke my pussy for you as I tell you what to do that cock.

Music plays in the background. Pulling my panties to the side as I tell you to speed up. You see my bald pink cute little pussy. You like teen pussy. Watching that cock go in and out of your hand. Hearing your breathing speeding up. Getting you closer to getting off. I encourage you and those balls tighten and are swollen. Listen to my JOI and come for me. When you explode I want you to eat it. Slurp up that sticky mess for me. Now pump it like you are deep inside of me.