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kidnapping fantasy

I loved the naughty Kidnapping Fantasy that we both came so hard over earlier! You wanted her to be a petite redhead, long hair flowing down her back.

Her eyes were big and sky blue, her perfect face littered in the cutest little freckles. She wore a short summer dress that looked a size too small, making it ride up to her tiny waist. It allowed us a clear view of the white cotton mermaid panties pressed against her bald pussy. She was riding right past our house as we sat on the front porch, enjoying the beautiful summer day. We had no idea it was about to turn into the best day ever.

As if by fate, the chain of her pink bike, covered in sparkles, fell off in front of the neighbor’s house! She fell and scraped her little knee on the hot concrete, rolling into a ball and beginning to sob. The look of fear and innocence on her face shot blood straight to your cock. We had been planning for months on how to work out the perfect Kidnapping of a pretty thing like this. And here she was, falling right into our lap!

We better hurry, before any other nearby perverts get the same idea.

I rushed to her side, fawning over the small cut on her otherwise unblemished skin. I lied, telling her I was a nurse and that she should come inside for a checkup, so I could assure she was alright. Thinking she was in the presence of a trusted figure, she relaxed and smiled. This was going to be the easiest Kidnapping in history! She reached up her arms and allowed you to pick her up into your strong arms. I noticed your fuck meat straining against your jeans, begging to be free. But it would be soon enough!

Our kidnapping fantasy was about to get wild.

As you walked her inside the house, I snatched up her bike, tossing it into our garage. We wouldn’t want any evidence linking us to the possible Kidnapping of a cute girl! I was only sixty seconds behind you, but by the time I got inside, the scene had turned. The girl’s cute dress was in a pile on the floor. She was on the couch, struggling in a futile attempt to crawl away from your grasping hands. You were ready. She looked up at me with her blue eyes, tears streaming down her face, and begged for help. Of course, I will help, I thought. I will help hold you down, as my hubby fucks you hard!

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