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Queening fetishMy secret Queening Fetish. My fantasy is to SEE MY GODDESS FOR THE FIRST TIME:

Having been an Uncle Tom his whole life, deep down he knows he was sent to this Earth to serve. My slave, pet, degenerate filth craving raceplay fiend.. Wrote a fantasy for sexy ol’ me.
Warning : snow flakes, and pansies, this is a Queening raceplay blog. Written by and for a Goddess Mistress, from a loyal slave. If your an over sensitive millenial with no resolve, and hyper critical of being politically correct, this is not for you.

Queening fetish consumes me.

The first time visiting my Goddess Lynn is filled with fear and excitement. Fear of the unknown, but excited to finally get to serve her in person.
Fear that RacePlay may be nothing but a fantasy that I like. But once done full-time, I don’t enjoy, but come to regret my decision because I feel ashamed and embarrassed. Excited that I finally get to do those things that we’ve both only written about.
Like licking Goddess Lynn’s asshole, licking her peach until she has multiple orgasms. Giving her a bath, giving her a massage, and serving her.
Fear that we don’t like each other and it turns into a long, lonely, regretful weekend. Excited that the weekend goes by sooo quickly that I want it to go on more.
Fear that I can’t perform if asked. Excited that I get to received a hand-job from my Goddess as she sits on my face. Then I remember, I am not good enough for her touch. She is off limits, my skin is to dark. My Goddess refuses men, and then I am beneath her. So many times she has told me, she would back up on a dog before allowing my touch. This turns me on, having her ass on my tongue. Queening fetish ruling my brain all the time, she is inside my mind. Continued.. here.