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loonerA balloon fantasy is something new to me. When I found out what it is, I can say it turns me on. I went to the store and bought this pack rose pink balloons and so cheap to by the way. Guess this makes me a looner.

I love the feeling of putting that little hole to my lips and blowing into it and watching it fill up with air. Feeling that blimp full and pulling on it with the latex stretching. I can say and then letting some air out looks like a nip at the end.

My balloon fantasy is taking over my sexual kinks.

I love the little nipple on the end and rubbing and playing with it. Filling it up completely and tying it off rubbing it on my big tits is amazing. Soft round blimp rubbing across my nipples and then squeezing it between my thighs . People could see me sitting naked in my chair with my open-toed high heels on. My thighs are so strong, I wish I could find someone into this similar kink so they would play with me. We could have fun popping games where you grab to my waist and try to pop it against my caboose faster and faster.

Are you a looner lover like me?

It’s orgasmic when that balloon pops and you hear that loud sound and feel it against your cunt. I would love to have a cream pie on it and try to pop it and get it shoved deep inside me. In a strange way they remind me of condoms. Anyone else has a balloon fantasy that we can share together? I know there are other people out there like me and we could get off to this together. Looking for fellow looner!