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At the beginning of the new year, it is time to start a new one! Well, at least that is what they try to convince us to do. But I have a much better thought in mind and that is reverting to the latter part of the century when MEN DOMINATED THE WORLD.

Yes, I would like to go there right now, this very minute in time. Might you like to join me? Perhaps you will be my husband and I will be your wife yet also your slave along with everyone else on the land! You, my man, are incomplete and utter charge of all things from our children, to the slave who works in the fields! No matter how dark and defiant for we are all here to abide by your every demand, as we are your subservient. And of course, whatever you say goes for if not, why there will be retributions for our misdeeds. The male species is in charge.


You will be in total and complete control over us all! No, if, ands or buts allowed! Whatever you say goes or else we will all be in trouble and uncertain of what horrific plan you have set on us as a means of redemption. From forcing us ladies to slice off cocks of others, to being brutally beaten and slated by you and your fellow friends! All the while you enjoy male authority and control you have over us all! So ruthless and demanding that me, as your wife and your children give in to your every mandate. Why we are here exclusively for the sole purpose of serving and acquiesces whatever you ask of us!



While we ladies are isolated and held hostage, we have no other choice but to follow your objectives whatever they might be. You have our full attention and we’re prepared to do as you order us to! While those you might keep locked up underground as they have been defiant, we who have served you take heed to your needs. We might batter and bruise them with a stick or force them to suck your cock! No matter the atrocious or barbaric thoughts that you have in mind, your enjoyment and utmost pleasures are on full demand! We are here to serve our MALE DOMINATING commander and chief! From slaying to whipping or digesting your cum!