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ManipulationManipulation combined with sensual Southern whispers for the oh so gullible man. Tempting you into humiliation, takes dedication and charm. Making you excited for me to toy with your mind, and the plans for the future.

All done to entertain me, as so many men want to feel what it is like to bring me pleasure. Southern whispers, so soft and sweet, make devious deed’s seem like child’s play. Manipulation using your weakest link, your sexually repressed station in life. Beautiful women are all around you, and you keep great company. But they do not know you, not like I do.

Manipulation cock control.

Cock talking, and your cock does a lot of talking when we speak. Hungering to reach the bar I put into place with you, you give it your all. Despite your many short comings, you have something all women want.. cash flow.

And we do know the tale about the fool and their money, yes? How they soon part, and I am on the receiving end. Stacking your dollars, as I make you jump through hoops of embarrassment. Forced feeding, so much unhealthy junk. Forced smoking, your lungs get so angry.. but I always smile. Everything in your gut tells you how bad I am for you, and you find yourself thinking of me at the oddest of times.

Making love to your wife, or doing the deed so to speak. Thinking of my platinum blond hair, and wolf blue eyes got you through. As did thinking of me bending over and you slipping between my legs into paradise. Manipulation to your body from mine, that is such a lovely succubus fantasy. Draining you dry, and leaving you spent time and time again.

Our manipulation cyber sessions, followed by phone calls, where you pour out your.. kinks. So easy for you to believe me when I sound so innocent and sweet. Even if you know I am the daughter of the Devil himself. All men see me differently and yet the same. Their perverse dream girl, with a maze of a mind full of games. Yours darling, I have on loop.. so the next time you show up to the party my manipulation tactics seem so fresh, new, and cute. Sin well my friends and Happy Hunting. @}}~~~~~.. Have you ever danced with the She Devil Lynn, in the pale moon light? Cum play.