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nympho phone sex

There are times in life when you just need a little something older. Like Mature Phone Sex with me is one of those times.

I am the kind of mature woman who gets better with each year that passes. Those young ones don’t have half the knowledge or the skill that I do. We both know that you can’t always get what you need from someone inexperienced. A lady like me already knows what you want before you even say it.


From my round hips, big breasts, to my sultry voice, there is nothing that I will not do. I went out last night with a friend of mine and I think I proved to her that I am a nasty mature bitch. We went to a new place in town for dinner. One that had been getting rave reviews from all the writers. It was a bit on the pricey side, but they say the clients are all business types. That’s what attracted me the most. I love a man who has a wallet packed full of credit cards. He always will get my attention before anyone else. It’s not because I want their money, but because I know they have brains and they are not someone nut wonder.

As we ate, I noticed a man in the corner dining alone. His focus was on his phone, and on me. He couldn’t take his eyes off from the time I walked in. As the waiter brought over a bottle of wine, stating it was from the admirer in the corner. I raised a glass and gave him that award-winning smile. It’s the one that will drive a man insane as he tries to figure out just what I’m thinking. Believe me, it’s all naughty with a mature woman.

We exchanged glances, smiles, and at the end of the night, numbers. It was a mind fuck during dinner. The moment it was over, I met him in a very nice hotel room. Proving to him that I am a lady in the streets and a whore in the bedroom. He loved it when I stroked his cock with my left hand. That wedding ring seemed to be the key to him getting off. He came all over the rock, and them inside of me. Mature phone sex isn’t always a rough fuck, but it is a wild one.