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Mature doesn’t always mean old. Sometimes, all it means is having the mental ability to give a man everything he’s ever wanted. A sexual roleplay that takes his cock and mind to a level never achieved. 

As a phone sex operator, I will take a man to a level of sexual pleasure he never knew existed. I proved that to be the case with my last caller. He sought a mature woman who could feed his fantasy of watching his daughter get fucked. Of course, I love ageplay, so when I suggested that we put cameras all over her bedroom, he was almost cumming in his pants. The voyeur in both of us came out to play. During the setup, I knew he was jacking off. There is a specific sound a man makes when masturbating. I love that squish jerking off noise they make. 

A mature woman knows how to make a man beg!

My phone sex caller hid in his room with his laptop viewing her bedroom. As she did every Friday night, she snuck a new boyfriend into her room and proceeded to wrap her cherry lipgloss coated mouth around his meaty teen cock. The teenage boy stood right in front of the camera and shoved his inexperienced dick down his daughter’s throat. She gave him the best blowjob he ever experienced. Even as a mature woman, I watched in awe. This little girl sucked him off like a seasoned pro. 

I listened to my client masturbating while his daughter gave oral sex to the boy. Yes, the teen exploded down the girl’s throat, feeding her a heavy dose of cum, but it wasn’t over. Not yet, at least. As she bent over the bed with her ass in the air, the young girl screamed. She cried out in pleasure, the evidence running down her legs, and so did the man on the other end of the phone line. As he watched his daughter cumming, he popped his cock all over the closet. Never underestimate the mind of a mature woman. We do know how to deliver the best sexual experiences.