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MistressMistress condones explicit acts of masochism and obedience training. Humiliating you is so delicious darling. It takes a strong female to manipulate your senses.

Fem domme, is part of an extreme life style. Making domination a religion to everyone involved. When little sniveling slut bags need a real woman, they come to me. Not a man looking for a hooker, pretending to be in charge. In all honesty that same woman had her tongue in an ass hole less than an hour ago. Any slut can call herself a domme, but a Mistress stands alone.

Mistress Lynn, ruins, owns, and taints you.

Part of the over all treatment you need, is cbt. The kind of cock and ball torture that men like you crave. Slipping to your knees, and taking off that suit. What a piece of meat you are. Looking at me with your diamond and gold cuff links.
“Mistress Lynn, I do not want to decide anything ever again. Take control of my cock and balls, I pledge them to you. Mistress will you please make me beg like the loser that I am. People in my life think I am strong, but I am a beta man pretending to be alpha. Your sexy body and controlling mind tempt me.”, he said.
Slithering by his side, I smacked him open handed across his nuts. The look on his face priceless, as my nails spun in circles. Gripping his balls, and using my nails to claw at his flesh. With every shiver, shake, and ripple of nut skin his eyes rolled. The look on his face priceless as I put him on his tiptoes. ” Mistress your the reason I wake up wanting to suffer. For your sinister control, your sadistic embrace, and your absolute control.”, he seethed. All of you beta bitches, male and female better fall in formation. @}}~~~~ Sin well my friends, and Happy Hunting.