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There mere thought of a sophisticated woman forcing you to do things makes your cock twitch. You deserve an older, mature Mistress woman to teach you the ropes of sex.

All these hot teen girls are tantalizing, but they do not have the kind of experience of us older girls. There is nothing that causes my pussy to drip more than the thought of a young slave willing to obey my commands. I sure hope you are the one I have been needing in my life.

Have you ever had the pleasure of having a collar fastened around your neck? A Mistress will do this as a sign of ownership, so everyone else knows you are a taken servant. If you are ever a bad boy, I will have to put a leash on you like a naughty puppy. Then I will force you to only use the bathroom outside, on your hands and knees. You are going to make such a nice, cute new pet! All my girlfriends are going to be so jealous.


And you better not try to be sneaky and use the potty inside when I am not looking. If I catch you disobeying any of my rules, I will have no choice but to punish you. You may not enjoy it, but it is for your own good. I only want to help you become the best slave for you Mistress you can be! Is that so wrong of me? My array of paddles, whips, restraints, and butt plugs will, I am sure, prove to be very useful in our training. After six months or so, I bet I will not even have to punish you that often! As long as you prove to be the good boy I know you are capable of being.

Of course, you will have to make sure that your Mistress stays pleased as well. I will be riding your face often, so I would get used to not being able to breathe very well for an extended period of time. It will be your job to make sure I am satisfied each night before bed, licking me until I cum at least two times. If not, I will have to pull out my big pink strap on and punish you again for not listening! Call now for some nasty phone sex and please me like the good slave you were born to be.