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I love being a dirty mommy. All the boys call me to play. They all know mommy has the sweetest pussy and knows how to make a rocket go off!

I get so many different mommy/son phone sex role play calls. Sometimes I get to be the dirty mommy who seduces her son. I love those naughty fantasy’s. I get make my son feel so good. After all, who’s gonna love you better than your sexy hot mommy.

Kevin is a little different. He doesn’t want mommy to do the seducing. He wants to be the one to give it to mommy good. He’s had this same fantasy for years. Its kinda from something that happened, or should I say could have happened. That’s if Kevin hadn’t chickened out. He still kicks himself about not taking the chance when he had it. He’s been thinking about Mommy/Son phone sex ever since.

You see that’s where our role play begins. I’m his sexy ass mommy who he can’t help but lust after.

Well, we’re out of town on a trip to visit my aunt. We got a late start and it started storming so I decide to pull over at a hotel for the night. They only have one room available with a king size bed. “We’ll have to share a bed but it’ll be fine for one night,” I tell Kevin.

We pull in and go to our room. We’re soaked by the time we make it in and I tell Kevin to get his pajamas on and we’ll call it a night. I get my nightgown on and crawl into bed. Kevin comes out of the bathroom and has only his boxers on. “You didn’t bring pajamas,” I asked. “No, I”ll have my own room at Aunt Becky’s, ” he says as he crawls under the covers.

After a few minutes, I fall fast asleep. I don’t know how long I’d been sleeping but when I wake up my son’s got a boner going on and its laying between my legs. “What are you doing?” I turn around and ask him. “I”m so horny mom, and I can’t sleep.” he whispers in my ear. I can feel how big he is lying between my thighs and I start to get aroused. “Mom, please, let me stick it in, a little bit” he begs me. “Kevin, No, you can’t” I whisper back. But I can feel him pushing against my now wet pussy. I shift and he slides it in.

It felt so good I let him continue even though I knew it was wrong. But Mommy/Son phone sex was better than I could have imagined. He fucked me then filled me and I knew this was gonna happen again…and it did the next morning.