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sugar daddy

Attention to all you horny men out there who love sexy pregnant women! I am currently in the market for a brand new Sugar Daddy.

With this new baby on the way, I have decided that I am in need of a man to help me in way of finances. In exchange, you will, of course, have full access to my body and cunt, able to do with them whatever you so please. Before you even apply, please know that I am quite picky, and have several stipulations for my ideal match.

First, you must be well off. You should live in a large home, big enough to accommodate my offspring as well. A respectable job that will allow you to give me the sort of weekly allowance that I deserve. You should want to spoil me like the luckiest little sugar baby in the world. I would also need a sexy, expensive car to roll around in when I go out.


Treat me like a princess! And you must take me shopping any time I decide I need to spice up my wardrobe. I cannot be looking all raggedy for my Sugar Daddy! I do not think that is too much to ask.

In exchange, you will get to sleep with me every night. Imagine getting to touch this sexy body every single evening? You could have me as much as your heart desired, as long as you took good care of me in return.

Do you think you could handle this very exclusive opportunity? Applicants should be ready and able to provide all necessary demands upon entrance. I do not need a Splenda Daddy, I want a Sugar Daddy! If you can’t offer me the real thing, do not even waste our time. Call now for some dirty phone sex to discuss all the nasty details.