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Mommy is here. Might you have a wife that is unable to focus on your needs at this time? No worries, it happens to most men and their partners. That is indeed what is lovely ladies are here for! To not only accommodate you in your trying times of need but also care for you and get you off!!

I had a fabulous call the other day with a gentleman whose wife is not much into having sex at this point and time. Bummer, I know! But the good news is, US lovely ladies are here to fulfill your sexual pleasure! During our call, I played his mommy. He was my precious son! I taught my son to be somewhat in control and slightly dominant when I allowed him to be.

While I remain the teacher in charge, I instructed him and his ability to show his mother dearest how he likes to have sex the best. I guess you can call a tit for tat, in which we both take time in allowing the other to be in charge while the other remains obedient! He asked me nicely, and as his mother, I instructed him to take control. Tough times call for Desperate Measures with you, my sweet love!


He mostly likes to force me onto the ground and precisely told how to appease him. And I do indeed love sucking his cock for him. We went at it for a very long time, enjoying all our sexual liaisons. He then compelled me onto the bed, slowly sucking me up to my ass! We spent a long time enjoying one another! Hours on end right before he was about to cum and cum hard!

Once he was about to cum, he pulled his cock out of my ass to spray it all over my face. I was soaking wet, as you can imagine. I most certainly love obliging my sweet young boy. I also love to instruct, him having him follow things that Mommy loves as well. And mommy loves to use her dildo up his ass.

Might you be someone who loves having Mommy cater to your wishes and instructions? If so, do give your mommy Jolene a call! For it will be a mother’s son sexual encounter that you will endeavor for centuries to come. Now be good to mommy for mommy is your queen bee and always will be kisses and good night!