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mommy son fantasy
Nothing gets me hornier than a hot mommy son fantasy. I get asked all the time what my favorite phone sex topic is. Without a doubt, any kind of mother son sexroleplay is what I always lean toward.

More often than not, I am a loving mommy. I love to pamper and spoil my sweet young son. I enjoy co-sleeping with my baby boy. When his pee-pee gets hard, I can’t keep my hot mouth or hands to myself. Mommy always wants to make her boy feel very good. We share a special bond in my mommy son fantasy. Mama’s boy loves feeling all Mommy’s private parts too. He loves sucking on Mommy’s nipples and playing with my wet pussy. I started teaching him to please mommy when he was a little fella. Today he can make Mommy’s cunt come faster than any of my other lovers.

Mommy son fantasy roleplay makes my pussy wet.

Sometimes in my mommy son fantasy, Mommy’s boy misbehaves and I have t discipline him. When I find you sniffing Mommy’s dirty panties I make you give up your boxers and wear those same panties. I mean it as a punishment but I notice how hard your penis gets when it is in Mommy’s satin panties. You love wearing them. I invite some friends over who loves teasing and humiliating you for your love of dirty panties. The humiliation gets you even harder. You love when Mommy and her friends tease you without mercy. You love being our servant. You even love when we use you as our toilet. Every punishment we give turns you on. You are such a dirty boy for Mommy.
Does your mommy son fantasy involve a sweet and loving mommy? Is a stern and punishing mommy more your style? I’m ready for them all. Mother son roleplay is what I need to get my cunt hot and juicy.