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I am a nasty mommy with a secret. I know it may be wrong but I cannot help it. My secret is I love little cock, yes there, I finally said it. I love young and sweet cock. It’s hard to stop myself from being a bad mommy when I pull him out of the shower. He’s standing there sopping wet and all sudsy looking adorable and sweet. His small figure so perfectly proportionate.

At that point, it is hard not to fantasize about taking his miniature cock. Putting it in my mouth to suck on it and get that sweet juicy little nectar out. I love using his loofah to explore every inch of him when he is in the tub playing. He makes such sweet little noises when I get to his private parts.

Mommy always knows best.

I usually start by washing his hair and caressing his head as I dump the water over him and get all the shampoo out. I then soap up his loofah and I will caress his neck, arms, and chest. It is at that point I dip my hands under the surface of the water and caress his little man parts. I will use small circular motions and get his cute little ass. I then get under his ball sack and his tiny peepee.

When he starts making those little laughs because me washing his peepee and it tickles as he says, I then get wet. I think he is such a beautiful boy, and the more I touch, wash and feel, the more noises he makes. Those giggles turn into little squeals and moans. He starts to wiggle and it gets me even hornier. Like I said, I know it is taboo, but I can not help myself. I am so proud of him for being such a good boy and letting me do what I feel is best for him.