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What started as an Coed and lactation fetish turned into so much more. Mommy’s boy has a full-blown ABDL fetish. My little diaper lover is as precious as he can be. Mommy loves to pamper him and I don’t even mind changing his dirty diaper.

You may wonder how it all started. What turned a grown man onto ABDL? Well, one night we were having a breastfeeding session. I started talking to him about how much Mommy loves having him nurse from Mommy’s swollen breasts. I told him what a good boy he was for nursing so well. Even when his bladder got full, he didn’t stop. Mommy’s milk was still coming and he did not want to miss a drop. He got so carried away, he had an accident and wet all over Mommy’s big bed. I told him it was ok and Mommy would clean up the mess. I joked that he should wear diapers when sucking from Mommy’s lactating boobies.

This was all the encouragement he needed before turning into an ABDL.

The next time my baby boy crawled into Mommy’s bed, he was wearing a disposable diaper. He said he didn’t want to mess up Mommy’s bed anymore. As he began breastfeeding, I started patting his diapered bottom. He made cooing noises for Mommy. I could tell he was content. The rustling noise from my hand on his plastic diaper soothed him. Soon his bladder was full and he let loose inside his diaper. He enjoyed the warmth as it spread around him. This was when he realized he enjoyed being an ABDL. When he finished nursing, I got him a fresh diaper, cleaned him up and even powdered his bottom. He was such a good boy for Mommy not making a fuss at all.
Nowadays, ABDL is a constant in our Coed fantasies. My baby boy loves wearing his diaper and Mommy loves making a big fuss over him. I don’t even mind changing him when he has a poopy butt. After all, Mommy wouldn’t want her baby boy getting a diaper rash.