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mother daughter

Mother daughter time is always fun. The girl scouts and their mothers were serving brunch for all the cute little boy scouts. I do love a man or young one in uniform. Their boy scout uniforms are enough to get my naughty Mommy cunt wet with desire.

The mother daughter serving line was all set up. We were filling the boy scouts plates when I realized I didn’t see my daughter anywhere. There seemed to be a few scouts missing as well, so I had an idea that they had all disappeared together. After the last scout got his food, I went looking for my daughter. I found her and the missing scouts in a back room of the reception hall. She had her own serving line going on. There was my young one surrounded by several scouts. All had their uniform pants around their ankles. This girl was becoming more like her mother every day.

I got on my knees beside her and made it a mother daughter serving line of a different kind.

One after another they worked their way through the mother daughter cocksucking line. Word must have gotten out about what was going on in the back room. I noticed more and more scouts getting in the line. Even the daddies started getting in on the action. The daddies seem to really enjoy what my daughter had to offer. I must admit she was becoming one excellent cocksucker.

She could even handle those big Daddy cocks. They stretched her mouth wide, but she worked them well. She swallowed load after a load of boy scout and Daddy cum. As soon as she finished with one, she reached for another. She was a greedy little slut and this mother couldn’t be more proud. This would be a day the young scouts and their daddies would never forget. A home-cooked brunch and mother daughter blowjobs. What could be better?