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For Father’s Day this year, I am going to surprise my husband with a perfect Mother/Daughter threesome!

I have been having our barely legal slut, Katie, practice for weeks for the exciting evening. I purchased several different sized dildos online, ranging from five to ten inches. Our perfect little pro knew exactly what to do the first time I handed her the smallest one. She had walked in on my sucking my husband’s thick daddy cock several times over the years. Her curious mouth immediately swallowed the fake penis, slurping at it with greed. It was one of my proudest moments as a mother thus far.

Over the next two weeks, Katie practiced every day after school, building her way up to the largest sex toy. It was so cute, watching her little throat constrict to try and choke the thick dong down. Once she had perfected sucking cock alone, I began licking them with her. I showed her how our tongues could pleasure the meat at the same time, dancing a sexy tango together. She was so proud of herself when she had perfected her technique!

Little Katie was so excited to show my hubby our Mother/Daughter treat.

When the moment finally came to show him her new trick, Katie did not hesitate one bit! Her puffy pink lips sent her daddy straight to heaven with her tender licks and kisses. I joined her, sucking his balls as he explored the first feel of his little girl’s throat. Watching Katie and listening to my man groan like never before had my cunt dripping! I shoved two fingers in my pussy, reaching my other hand over to massage my baby’s clit while we continued to suck. Moments later, all three of has had our very first family orgasm! We all came at the same time, Katie taking a full mouth load of man cum.

Less than fifteen minutes later, Katie was asking if we could do it all again! I do believe we have our naughty girl hooked! Next, we will have to have some special Mother/Daughter time to learn how to stuff the toys in her other holes!