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mother son

This is such a taboo subject, I don’t know if I dare even broach it.  You see it’s something that I’m not ashamed of, but is looked on as dirty by the tight prudish population of the world.  You see I would like to talk to you about Mother son a Secret look at adult breastfeeding.

Most people look at this Breastfeeding beautiful act of love as deplorable.  My son has been Milking me all his life.  Mother Son bonding time, I call it.  I know I’m not like your average mother.  Maybe I keep my son a little too “close” for most tastes, but I love it.  Ever since he was a little fella, I would put him up in my lap and bring his mouth to my beautiful Lactation filled breasts.  They get so firm, almost hot to the touch when they fill up.  My body craves my son’s mouth like nothing I’ve ever felt.  Hearing his voice causes me to leak…in a few places.

Mother son adult breastfeeding is a common practice.

Mother son love is to be worshipped.  When he starts to draw the sweet milk from my tits, my body is in bliss!  Nobody can get my juices flowing like my sweet Mother Son relationship.  Sometimes he lays down and I will straddle his lap while dangling my milk jugs over his lips.  My “mommy parts” grinding back and forth over his hot son erection.  He was so hard against Mommy’s moist parts, I just need to be closer to my little man while he’s “eating”.

Reaching between our legs, I start to work his hard on with my hand.  His cock so hard in my hand as he nurses from my breast.  Swallowing down my milk as I’m milking his cock.  My pussy is convulsing with each draw from his mouth.  I raise up to take my perfect Mother Son relationship to the next level and ride him in the forbidden dance.  The perfect love between a Mother Son.